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Lesson Plan - English Year 4

Date                :           12th  April, 2012
Class               :           4 Cekal
Enrolment        :           36
Time                :           8.50-9.20 am
Topic               :            Story Time
Specification    :            World of Stories-Level 1
                        1.3.1     Listen to key words in stories and texts heard and
                                     demonstrate understanding by pointing to pictures.
                        2.5.1     Talk about the people , places and moral values of
                                     the stories heard, read and viewed in simple language.         
                        3.9.1    Read simple poems and simple stories.
                        4.5.1    Form simple sentences by answering ‘wh’ questions.

Learning Outcomes:   By the end of the lesson,pupils will be able to:
                              i)          Read and understand simple poems and stories.
                             ii)         Write simple sentences and ‘Wh’ questions.

Previous Knowledge:  Pupils have read and heard about stories before.
Teaching Aids  :          Graphic organizer, puppets, dictionary and hand-outs

Moral Value      :          Do not copy others just because you are jealous.

Teaching and Learning Activities
Set Induction
(5 minutes)

1.    Teacher shows a few puppets of animals to the pupils.
2.    Pupils identify the animals.
3.    Teacher introduces the topic.
Puppets of animals
(10 minutes)
1.    Teacher shows the power point slides of the story entitled:
The Camel Wants To Dance.
2.    Teacher reads the story and pupils
repeat after her.
3.    Teacher gives some  explanation and  pupils listen.
4.    Teacher asks pupils the moral values of the story.
Power point, story book and hand-outs.
(10 minutes)
1.    Teacher asks pupils to pronounce a few  difficult words.
2.    Pupils in groups are given a few
minutes to find out the meaning of the difficult words from  dictionary.
3.    Teacher asks pupils to read the meaning of the words in front of the class. Teacher gives some explanation of the words.
4.    Teacher emphasizes Wh-questions and pupils gives the answer individually.

(5 minutes)

1.    Teacher asks a few pupils to read the story in front of the class.
2.    Teacher asks the pupil to draw their favourite’s  animal in their exercise book.
3.    Teacher distributes worksheet of Wh-questions as homework to pupils.

Hand- outs
Exercise book                

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